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    A payment and banking platform for the cannabis and allied industries are Paybotic's specialty. It is able to meet the demands of its client's thanks to collaborations with leading providers of financial services and payment technology. It is hoped that the digital platforms will help cannabis retail enterprises better protect and manage deposits, enhance reconciliation and increase cash visibility. Paybotic also provides financial services, like bookkeeping, insurance, and more.

    Why Are We Special?
    Cannabis is a controlled substance in the United States, which means that the sector is still very new and severely regulated in the country. It's illegal for retailers to accept credit cards as a form of payment. Cannabis sellers also face difficulties obtaining small company loans or processing transactions through banks because traditional institutions are ill-equipped to deal with the industry's complex rules.


    Using Paybotic, cannabis businesses may run like any other consumer-based business. Cannabis and hemp shops can use it to accept a variety of different payment methods. Financial and business management solutions and services are also offered by this company. Because the company's business model is based on serving the cannabis sector, the team is always on top of the latest regulatory changes to ensure that its customers stay on the straight and narrow.


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